Regio Earth Festival 2019

REGIO EARTH festival is the third edition of an itinerary festival about earthen architecture, design and art. It is an initiative of Sárkollektíva (Hungary) and TERRApia (Romania) to connect the earth lovers and specialists from Central and Eastern Europe. This festival will combine more than 15 different workshops and lectures from local and European experts working in the field of restoration, modern building, decoration of earth architecture as well as some local materials (such as reed and rush.) RE festival is open to public from the region, but also Europe: self-constructors, pupils of technical schools, students of architecture and conservation, craftspeople, kids etc.

Official language of the festival is English.

Regio Earth Festival
26 th August - 01th September 2019
Mošorin, Serbia

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Festival Program

Green Roof Workshop - ZMAG, Croatia

ZMAG (Green network of activist groups) is a non-governmental organization formed in 2002, located in the village Vukomerić near Zagreb in Croatia. Their work focuses on practice and advocacy of sustainable solutions, education and design, promotion and development of just and fair social and economic systems and appropriate technologies. Their most important project is their educational center, designed by permaculture principles implementing reused and natural construction materials, where they host numerous workshops and courses.

They are especially trained in making green roofs, compost toilets and wooden structures. Their representatives Matko, Kruno and Pero will teach us how to make a green roof!

Main Program - Workshops

26th - 30th August 2019


WS1 – Earth tests with Alina and Alessandro (Recult, Romania)

Alina and Alessandro will explain the components of the material earth, its behavior and show us some of the tests that can help us decide the best way of using it in the construction.

Alina Negru is a Romanian architect specialized in earth architecture and PhD student at the West University of Timișoara, engaged in many projects that promote, through an interdisciplinary approach, the potential of the traditional architecture in Banat region.

Alessandro Serra is an Italian architect specialized in earth architecture, with previous experience in Italy, Morocco and Peru. Today he lives in Timișoara, where he has also been involved in educational projects.

WS2 - Discovering materials with Anne Lemarquis (France)

Anne will present to a beautiful world of natural materials: earth, sand, reed, rush, in a completely different and innovative way and show the magic of those simple materials around us!

Anne Lemarquis started building with earth with carpenters in France, finished DSA terre, studied the modern application of clay plasters with best plasterers in the world and worked in Chile from 2008 to 2015.

From 2015 she continues collaboration with Collectivo Terron, developing spectacles with earth and other natural materials and workshops around them.


WS3 - Rammed earth bench: Bojan Roganović (Serbia)

Bojan will show us how to transform the material earth into beautiful bench, traditional element that we find in front of each house in Vojvodina.

Bojan Roganović is a Master Environmental Engineer, a true enthusiast in building with earth and other natural materials, urban gardening and helping vulnerable groups of people, experienced in the organization and realization of projects in many areas (film making, education, events, etc.)

He’s been involved in preparation of several formworks and making rammed earth walls in recently in Serbia.

WS4 - Info panel - Japanese plasters with Gergely Barna (Sárkollektíva, Hungary), 27-28th of August

Gergely will how to prepare different layers of Japanese plasters, tools they are using and different ways they could be applied to a wattle-and-daub structure.

Gergely Barna is a Hungarian architect who has been involved in earthen-building technologies ever since his high school, when he built his first bread-baking oven.

He is living and working in Japan since 2010, collaborating with Japanese traditional craftsmen on many different projects using traditional techniques of building with earth and wood.


WS5 - Clay plasters with Alina and Alessandro (REcult), Dragana & Bojan (KFZ, Serbia)

Alina and Alessandro will teach us how to prepare traditional 2-layer plasters on different surface (rammed earth, adobe, wattle and daub) using hands and tools.

You’ve already met Alina and Alessandro doing earth tests and you can continue working with them on clay plasters together with Dragana Kojičić (Serbia).

Dragana Kojičić is a Serbian architect specialized in earth architecture and Bojan Kojičić is Serbian conservator. They are the host of the festival and the house.

WS6 - Decoration with clay with Isabella Breda (Italy)

Isabela will teach you how to make beautiful decorations using earth.

Isabela Breda is and Italian architect; while working in architectural restoration, she became interested in earth architecture. She is exploring possibilities that material earth offers in the artistic field. Her artworks are characterized by a continuous research of an expressive, tactile, emotional language and by graceful shapes.


WS7 - Rammed earth with Adam & Arpad Biro (Hungary)

During this workshop, you will work with rammed earth experts from Hungary.

Árpád Bíró has over 25 years of experience in natural building materials, of which he worked in Germany for almost two decades, where he has continuously trained himself. Árpád is a mason and a painter, an adobe craftsman, and a co-author of a textbook on adobe vocational training in Germany. He is a founding member of a Hungarian organization dedicated to the distribution of earth and eco-friendly building materials and to the preparation of professional ECVET training.

Ádám Bihari is a Hungarian architectural engineer, ex trainee and employee researcher at project Amàco and organizer of the “My grandfather’s house” project, which consist of practical workshops on the vernacular Hungarian architecture for students and for the general public.

WS8 - Classroom with Vinko (Croatia) & Bojan (Serbia)

Hopefully, the wooden structure will already be prepared and you will get a chance to work with Vinko and Bojan and learn how to make different earth wall infills (wattle-and daub, bottle, recycled glass, adobe, cob etc.)

Vinko Šarkanji is a manager of tourism, excellent young craftsman, great cook and so much more. He has gone through a number of workshops using earth, wood and straw bales in the region and in Europe, and then he led many of them himself. He worked on reconstruction of traditional houses in Serbia and Bulgaria with local craftsmen. He likes to experiment with earth techniques, build sheds and pergolas from earth and/or wood, and works on wooden decorations for festivals and public events in Croatia. You’ve already met Bojan while making the bench and you can continue working with him in this workshop as well.


WS9 - Raised beds with Ružica Janjić (Serbia)

Ružica Janjić - graduated engineer of information systems and permaculture designer. She organized and conducted several lectures and workshops of permaculture design, natural food production, composting, permaculture production garden, forest garden, as well as a passive solar nursery and house isolation with straw and clay plasters.

She will be leading a workshop for making raised beds out of recycled construction materials found on the site.

WS10 - Murals with Consuelo Ceballos Silva (Chile)

Consuelo Ceballos Silva is an industrial designer graduated from Universidad del Bío Bío, Chile 2015. Clay Plaster Muralist, cultural and heritage manager, graduated in Construction with Earth: Tradition and Innovation (PUC, 2016), awarded in the category of Visual Arts Mention Painting of Premios Ceres 2017, Región del Bío Bío - Chile.

Focused on the development of cultural projects and collaborative art (murals), training in clay plasters and craft workshops in clay under the name of Terrapaz Murales de Tierra. Also dedicated to the creation and design of corporate images for various entities (public and private), promotional graphic design, illustrations, design and manufacture of textile projects, didactic material and furniture.

You will learn how to make beautiful murals with Consuelo.


WS11 – Adobe making with Elena Palacios Carillo and Jon de la Rica Extremiana (Spain)

They will teach how to make adobe with special reflect on the production lines and its adaptability to women.

Elena is an activist, architect and feminist, her professional career has always been oriented towards the most disadvantaged populations to promote a socially just architecture that allows the large number, and especially women, to participate actively in transformations of their habitat.

Jon de la Rica is also an architect from Bilbao who studied architecture and landscape in Bordeaux in 2010. His training awakens concerns that guide him towards projects with high social content and deep work in the field, understanding the city, public space and housing as potential places of inclusion. He gained a lot of experience working in Latin and Central America.

WS12 - Earthen shells with fibrous loams with Daphna Yalon (Israel)

Daphna will teach a simple method to create endless possibilities of lightweight earthen objects sculptural or design oriented.

Daphna is creating, researching and teaching Earth as matter and as the essence of life. Engaging community in processes is an integral part of her practice which focuses on action in the public sphere.


WS13 – Drawing traditional houses with Ana Pato (Portugal)

Ana Pato graduated in Architecture (Porto, Portugal) and specialised in Earth Building (CRATerre, France). Apart from earth projects she participates in the Urban Sketching movement “showing the world one drawing at a time”.

During the festival everyone will be very welcome to join her and spend a good moment of time recording, on paper, stories from the festival, its surroundings sites, buildings and people.

WS14 - Oven with János Gáspár and Gabriella Revesz (Hungary)

János Gáspár is a Hungarian craftsman who started working with earth when he built his own home with a technique he learnt from the elders of his village.

Gabriella Revesz is both an environmental engineer and an architect that designs strawbale houses and leads the Hungarian Strawbale Association - Magyar Szalmaépítők Egyesülete. She will help János with his workshop and translation.


Children Workshops

26. avgust - 01. septembar
svaki dan 17:00 - 19:00

KW1 - Radionice za decu sa Claudia Aracena (Čile)

Claudia će naučiti decu da boje i da naprave male instalacije na seoskom igralištu u Mošorinu.

Claudia Aracena je učiteljica umetnosti, vizuelni umetnik i graditeljica prirodnim materijalima, rođena u Čileu. Studirala je vizuelnu umetnost, pedagogiju i umetnost vatre (Artes del fuego) u Valparaisu, gradu zemljanih kuća i beskonačnih stepenica. Poslednjih četrnaest godina radila je u mnogim školama i drugim obrazovnim institucijama (muzejima, bibliotekama, nevladinim organizacijama) podučavajući umetnost, zaštitu baštine i arhitekturu. Pre tri godine pokrenula je sopstveni projekat PILMAIKEN u kojem deli svoje znanje sa decom različitih uzrasta, stvarajući nova iskustva vezana za tradicionalnu arhitekturu i prednosti gradnje prirodnim i lokalnim materijalima, učenjem kroz umetnost, prirodu, igru i senzorne eksperimente.

Cena: 500 rsd/dete, ako kupite 5 karata, 1 karta je besplatna

Za decu iz Titelske opštine, radionice su besplatne i održavaju se svaki dan od 9:00 do 11:00 (prijave na

Prijavite se!

26th Aug - 01st Sep
Every day from 17:00 - 19:00

KW1 - Workshop for children with Claudia Aracena (Chile)

Claudia will teach kids to do the painting and small installations at the village playground.

Claudia Aracena is an art teacher, visual artist and natural builder, born in Chile. She studied Visual Art, pedagogy and Fire arts (Artes del fuego) in Valparaíso, city of earthen houses and infinite stairways. She has worked in many schools and other Education Institutions (Museums, libraries, NGOs) teaching art, heritage and architecture for the last fourteen years. Three years ago she started her project PILMAIKEN which seeks to shares her knowledge with children at different ages generating new experiences related to vernacular architecture and the advantages of building with natural and local materials, learning through the art, nature, play and sensory experimentation.

Price: 500 rsd/child , if you buy 5, 1 ticket is for free

For children from Titel Municipality, the workshops are free and are held every day from 9:00 to 11:00
(you can register at

Register your children!

31. avgust 09:00 - 11:00

KW2 - Arheologija za decu sa Brankom Nestorović (Srbija)

Na radionici deca će učiti o arheologiji kroz kratke priče, praktičan rad i razgovore o pronađenim predmetima. Na kraju će deca praviti neki predmet po uzoru na pronađene i po izboru, od glinamola.

Branka Nestorović je diplomirani arheolog-kustos sa višegodišnjim iskustvom na terenu na projektima Pokrajinskog instituta za zaštitu kulturnih spomenika (Novi Sad) i Muzeja Vojvodine (Novi Sad). Radi na organizaciji, zaštiti i predstavljanju Specijalnog rezervata prirode Titelski breg. Pokrenula je Školu arheologije za decu u Mošorinu gde pravi radionice o životu i igračkama iz praistorije.

Jedan roditelj može da se pridruži detetu tokom radionice.
1.000 rsd/dete+roditelj

Prijavite se!

31st August from 09:00 - 11:00

KW2 - Archaeology for kids with Branka Nestorović (Serbia)

Children learn about archeology: through a short story, practical work and talk about objects found. They will also make a clay object, according to the model found and their own interest.

Branka Nestorović is a graduate archaeologist-curator with many years of field experience in the projects of the Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments (Novi Sad) and the Museum of Vojvodina (Novi Sad). She worked on the management, protection and presentation of the Special Nature Reserve of Titelski Breg (Titel). She is the creator of the School of Archeology for Children in Mošorin where she does workshops with children about life and toys in prehistory.

One parent can join the kid during the workshop.
1.000 rsd/child+parent

Register your children!

Dnevne radionice

31. avgust i 01. septembar 10:00-13:00

Pravljenje ćerpiča (DWS1) i pletera (DWS2) sa Elenom & Jonom (Španija)

U subotu, 31.avgusta 10:00-13:00 će Vas naučiti kako da napravite ćerpiče (ciglice od nepečene zemlje) sa posebnim osvrtom na proizvodne linije i njihovu prilagodljivost ženama (što ne znači da momci nisu dobrodošli!), a u nedelju, 1. septembra, 10:00-13:00, sa njima možete naučiti kako se radi pleter.

Elena Palacios Carillo i Jon de la Rica su arhitekte iz Španije, a već godinama oganizuju i rade participativne i socijalne projekte u Evropi i Centralnoj i Latinskoj Americi.

Jezici: engleski, španski, francuski, govor tela :) Broj mesta ograničen.

Cena: 1.500 rsd, ako kupite 5 karata, 1 karta je besplatna

Prijavite se za DWS1 (čerpić)! Prijavite se za DWS3 (pleter)!

31. avgust 10:00 - 13:00

DWS2 - Zemljane školjke sa Dafnom Jalon (Izrael)

Dafna će Vas naučiti jednostavnoj metodi za stvaranje lakih, skulpturalnih ili dizajnerski orijentisanih, predmeta od zemlje i slame sa beskrajnim mogućnostima primene.

Dafna stvara, istražuje i podučava Zemlju kao materiju i kao suštinu života. Angažovanje zajednice u procesima je integralni deo njene prakse koja se fokusira na delovanju u javnoj sferi.

Jezici: engleski, govor tela :) Broj mesta ograničen.

Cena: 1.500 rsd, ako kupite 5 karata, 1 karta je besplatna

Prijavite se!


Otvorena vrata

31. avgust 09:00-12:00

Otvorena vrata

Ukoliko želite da osetite delić atmosfere Regio Earth festivala, to možete uraditi tokom OTVORENIH VRATA, u subotu 31. avgusta 09:00-12:00.

Prijave su obavezne na, a ulaznica je jedna čuvarkuća (koju ćemo posaditi na zeleni krov) ili jedna pločica (koju ćemo ugraditi u kuhinji!)

Čekamo Vas!

Location & useful information

Half an hour from Novi Sad or an hour from Belgrade, the village of Mošorin is located at the foot of Titel Bay, 6 kilometers from the Tisa River. There are regular buses from Novi Sad.

Workshops are held at 2 addresses: Svetozar Miletić and Ive Lola Ribara.

Accommodation: camp in FK Miletic or local accommodation.

Official languages: Serbian, English, French, Hungarian.


Special offer: buy 4, get 5 tickets!
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23th - 25th August 2019

Include :
2 days conference
field trip

Duration : 3 Days

90 € or

8.000 rsd *

* for purchase in Serbia
students have 10% discount
buy 4, get 5 tickets!
no more tickets!

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26th - 30th August 2019

Include :
5 days festival
vegetarian food

Duration : 5 Days

180 € or

18.000 rsd *

* for purchase in Serbia
students have 10% discount
buy 4, get 5 tickets!
no more tickets!

Sold out


23th - 30th August 2019

Include :
2 days conference
field trip
5 days festival

Duration : 8 Days

240 € or

24.000 rsd *

* for purchase in Serbia
students have 10% discount
buy 4, get 5 tickets!
no more tickets!

Tickets for Green Roof Workshop are sold out!

Prices for the festival and green roof include vegetarian food (3 meals) and sleeping in (your own) tent. There is a possibility to organize sleeping in local accommodation (additional 5 euros/night).

Conference doesn’t cover accommodation and meals, you can stay in hotel Tisa or at the camping site.

Due to fact that we are not in EU, charges for the bank transfers are too high, that’s why there is the difference in price – we encourage you to buy it from Serbia!

And that’s not all: we prepare many more daily workshops with natural materials, workshops for kids etc. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in participating to our events, please register first. After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information for payment (you have 5 working days to do so).

Looking forward to meeting you in August!